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End procrastination, overcome fear, and break out of the paralysis of overthinking with the Pocket-Size Thriving Guides designed to make you more productive than you've ever been. With these guides, you'll:

Learn to identify your values and get clear on your WHY
Learn to set goals that are based on what's truly important to you
Learn to set goals that with have you achieving more than you have ever achieved before using this powerful formula
Learn to take your goals and make them a reality by taking concrete steps to turn them into actions
Prioritise yourself by tracking your health and fitness in an easy, quick and effective way

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Productivity Set

Serious about your productivity? Perhaps it's finally time for you to put yourself first. No more, "I'll do it tomorrow." No more, "I'll do it when..." No more, "I'll do it some day." Your time is now and if you want to skyrocket your productivity then you need the whole collection. Get all 4 Pocket-Size Thriving Guides on Producivity and save! All 4 are yours to dive into and transform your productivity:

Live by your Values
Where are you Heading?
Turning Goals into Action
7-Day Lifestyle Diary
I was sick of seeing clients set goals that had nothing to do with what was truly important to them or set goals but fail to follow through. These guides help you identify exactly where you’re going but also how to make it happen.
— Rebecca Ray

Live By Your Values


When it's all said and done and we come to the end of our days, how do you answer these questions:

What did I stand for as a person?
Did I do the things that really mattered to me?
Did I live in a way that really counts with what is in my heart?

Find the answers in the Live By Your Values guide. I’m a huge believer in getting clear and staying clear on our values because the things that inspire us most – the things that make our hearts swell and sing – are born from the values we hold dear. To live an expansive, inspired life, we need to take actions in line with our values. The Live by Your Values guide is the first of a set of three guides designed to help you find purpose and direction. Once you know your values, turn them into meaningful goals with the Where Are You Heading guide and then make your goals a reality with the Turning Goals into Action guide. Creating the life of your dreams awaits!

Thank you Rebecca! I feel so much clearer now that I have really taken time to identify what matters to me. It has made such a difference to being able to get some direction.
— Helen M.

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Where Are You Heading?


This guide is designed to help you set goals that you will actually achieve! As a psychologist (and as a human), I'm a big fan of goals because they help us to flourish in the following ways:

They represent something tangible that we are working towards.
They help prioritise and structure our time.
They help focus our attention and increase our persistence.
They help us define who we are by creating a long term vision consistent with our values.
They give us something to look forward to!

(If you’re not sure of what your values are – the things that matter to you deep down inside – grab the Live By Your Values guide first! It will help you make sure your goals are based on what’s really important to you). Getting from A to B to achieve a goal can be a little more convoluted than we usually first imagine, what with motivation being unreliable and all the other competing life demands that crop up along the way. Using this guide, you'll learn the powerful "SMART" goal formula which will help you to set goals that are your most productive, valuable and achievable yet!

I wish had have known this formula when I was younger. No more wasting time with messy goals, just watch me go!
— Anna G.

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Turning Goals Into Action


The third guide in the Productivity set of Pocket-Size Thriving Guides is Turning Goals into Action. To get the most out of this guide, please make sure you have completed the guides Live by Your Values and Where Are You Heading? first. That way, you can ensure that your goals are based on what's truly important to you, as well as formulated in such a way that you are more likely to achieve them. Setting goals is one thing though.

If you're like many people, you may have difficulty turning goals into tangible and effective actions, or difficulty following through to completion. This guide will help you do just that: take action to follow through by using a process of clarification, planning, step-taking, and reviewing. Prepare to achieve more than you ever have before, but most importantly, to see yourself grow as a person through the process.


I’ve never truly understood the importance of planning out my goals before now. I’ve never been able to see my path like I do now. Thanks.
— Amanda M.

What's Inside


7-Day Lifestyle Diary


Taking care of ourselves is one of the few responsibilities we can't outsource, yet it's essential to psychological health and well-being. Because our lifestyle habits are so ingrained, they can be very difficult to change and often seem to occur outside of our awareness. One of the best ways to counteract this is to raise your awareness and become aware of what is working and what's not working. The 7-Day Lifestyle Diary will help you to:

Intentionally keep track of your progress
See your journey visually
Prioritise your physical health to maximise your mental health
Overcome procrastination by taking small steps

The effort that you put in to your physical health will have huge benefits for your psychological health but don’t leave it to chance. Use the 7-Day Lifestyle Diary to kickstart your quest.


It’s taken me a long time to be ready to do something about my physical health. This diary was the start I needed.
— Elke J.

What's Inside