Get Your Happi Habits


You don’t want to miss the incredible value of the Happi Habits program. Get your hands on this e-Program to get 12 weeks of science-based strategies that will nourish your mind, reinvigorate your approach to life, and put the joy back into your days. In each module, you'll discover another piece of the puzzle to maximise your well-being for long-lasting positive change in your life. Start your journey to a happier you now.

Now I’ve done the program, I want my friends to do it as well. Everyone should know these habits.
— Angela M.

Doing the Happi Habits program was great. It gave me a fresh view of what I could do to improve the way I think and live. Having to practice each week has been very helpful to see what works for me. Give it a try, you’ll love it!
— Martine C.

Is Happi Habits For You?

Are you feeling down or lost?
Is day-to-day life feeling overwhelming for you?
Have you lost your usual spark?
Are you more worrier than warrior these days?
Have you stopped enjoying the things you usually love?
Have you found yourself asking if there is more to life than this?
Do you want the convenience of a program you can download in the comfort of your own home?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then the answer is another YES. Yes, Happi Habits is for you. Yes, you deserve more than just existing. Yes, you deserve to put yourself first. Yes! You deserve to live a life that is rich, and meaningful and full of happiness. Don't let another day go by in a haze of grey. Start now.

I’m so glad I did the Happi Habits program. It made me realise how much I have to be thankful for. But my favourite part was learning to see the positive stuff in my life. Well worth it.
— Jane H.

What's Inside Happi Habits

Throughout the Happi Habits Program you'll track your way through the following modules over 12 weeks: 

Change your life - learn the secrets to making meaningful change that will last.
The Science of Happiness - learn about the science behind what makes us thrive.
Mindful Savouring - the ancient technique of mindfulness will help you find the little pieces of happiness in everyday life
Gratitude - let the practice of gratitude turn what you have into enough.
Kindness - find happiness in making a difference to others.
Humour - learn how to laugh at life!
Goals - learn how to set goals that you'll actually achieve.
Lifestyle - happiness is not just psychological...your body impacts your happiness, too. Learn how looking after yourself makes a difference to your happiness.
Vision - get clarity around what's really important in your life and where you are headed.  
Action - turn your goals into meaningful action and see how you truly begin to thrive.
Review - you've made it to a happier you!

Here's a sample of what's to come inside your Happi Habits program...

Rebecca I can’t thank you enough for this program. I just feel better overall. It has made a big difference to how I’ve been able to cope.
— Amy R.