A baker's dozen!

The entire collection of Pocket-Size Thriving Guides just for YOU!


What You Get:

Emotional Well-Being Set:

  • 5 Essential Skills to Defeat Depression
  • 5 Essential Skills to Manage Anxiety
  • 7 Days of Mindfulness
  • Don't Believe Everything You Think
  • Anxiety & Me
  • How Do You Really Feel?

Productivity Set:

  • Live By Your Values
  • Where Are You Heading?
  • Turning Goals into Action
  • 7 Day Lifestyle Diary

Write from the Heart Set:

  • 31- Day Journal of Happiness
  • 31- Day Gratitude Journal
  • Imagining the Good Journal

Why You Need It:

  • These are my favourite tools for fantastic well-being from nearly 15 years of psychological practice in easy-to-digest and quick-to-use format
  • It would take me at least 8 face-to-face sessions to impart all of this information to a client and you get it all for less than the price of ONE session
  • It's your time to do something. The tools are in these guides. It's your choice.

Why Are You Waiting?

I don't know. Why ARE you waiting?! It's over 50% off!