IMPROVE YOUR Emotional Well-Being

Isn't it time you stopped just surviving and began thriving? Isn't time you stopped settling for just getting by and instead started getting more out of life? The Pocket-Size Thriving Guides in the Emotional Well-Being set will transform your perspective, create more joy in your day and help you get more out of life. In these powerful guides, you can expect to:


Learn to identify crippling states like anxiety and depression
Learn the essential strategies to overcome anxiety and depression
Learn to identify and label your emotions (rather than running away from them or masking them with food, alcohol, drugs, work, procrastination, denial etc etc)
Learn to come back to the present moment, transform your perspective and get more joy out of your life with easy mindfulness strategies
Learn how to overcome the "analysis paralysis" of overthinking by stepping back from your mind
Learn how to do hard things even when fear shows up
Get every single one of these scientifically-proven tools for only pocket change!

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Emotional Well-Being Set

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Serious about your emotional well-being? Ready to get off of the roller-coaster, bring calm into your life, and build your resilience muscles? Then you need the whole collection right now. Get all 7 Pocket-Size Thriving Guides on Emotional Well-Being while the collection is still at this amazing price! All 7 are yours to dive into and transform your emotional well-being:

5 Essential Skills to Manage Anxiety
5 Essential Skills to Defeat Depression
Anxiety and Me
How Do You Really Feel?
7 Days of Mindfulness
Don't Believe Everything You Think
Doing Hard Things Even When Fear is Present
May this collection transform your life in a way that inspires you and fills you with growth and hope.
— Rebecca Ray

5 Essential Skills to Manage Anxiety

Imagine if anxiety no longer got in the way of you living fully, richly, and meaningfully.
Imagine if your fears no longer stopped you in your tracks.
Imagine if you knew how to manage the uncomfortable physical symptoms, the frustrating mental symptoms, and the overwhelming emotional symptoms so that you no longer have to feel anxious about being anxious!
Thank you Rebecca. With these techniques, I finally feel like anxiety is no longer the boss of me!
— Cathy C.

What's Inside


5 Essential Skills to Defeat Depression


No matter how depression shows up, it’s not pretty. It’s never easy. And often it can overstay its welcome or become a regular visitor. But you don't have to just put up with it. You can start healing now. In this guide, you'll learn to:

Remember that you are NOT depression
Prioritise self-care
Reconnect with your tribe
Step back from your mind
Refuse to trust motivation (and other unreliable feelings)

These top 5 tools for taking your life back from depression are here for you to start using today to take your power back. Because you’re worth more than depression tells you. The strategies in this guide will make a difference. All you have to do is remember that you deserve more than a life in the shadows and give change a chance.

I didn’t really want to admit that I was feeling down because I don’t normally talk about it to anyone. But this guide made me feel braver and like there was something I can do about it. Thank you.
— Sally L.

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7 Days of Mindfulness

Want to transform your productivity? 
Looking to deepen your relationships?
Determined to change your relationship with your body?
Want to do the ONE THING that will make the biggest difference to your overall well-being?

Then you need mindfulness in your life.You might have heard the term Mindfulness bandied about in the media. Although the technique dates back to ancient times in Eastern traditions, Western medicine has only recently caught on to the power of this approach.  Get an introduction to Mindfulness with 7 Days of Mindfulness: that's seven different mindfulness strategies in seven days that you can incorporate quickly and easily into your busy lifestyle. You'll be surprised how quickly you’ll notice the impact of mindfulness in bringing a greater sense of peace and well-being to your world. If I was going to recommend only ONE THING to transform your well-being, it would be mindfulness.

Oh my goodness, Rebecca! I love these techniques so much! I always thought mindfulness was just about breathing. Thanks for showing me other ways.
— Bella D.

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Don’t Believe Everything You Think


One of my favourite quotes I’ve ever found on social media goes like this: “I’ve got 99 problems and 86 of them are completely made-up scenarios in my head that I’m stressing about for absolutely no logical reason.” Unfortunately, I’ve never found the author but he or she has pretty much nailed the definition of “analysis paralysis”. If you can relate to this quote, the "Don't Believe Everything You Think" guide is for you. The mind is often our biggest obstacle. It chats away 24/7, feeding us with all sorts of thoughts, beliefs and memories, most of which are unhelpful and most of which we automatically buy in to without even realising we are doing so. In this guide, I’ll show you:

How to overcome the paralysis caused by over-thinking
How you how to step back from your thoughts and save your energy for living your life the way you want to,
How to give up on hiding out and staying stuck the way your mind says you will.
How to take control of your actions (rather than your mind).
Wow. I’ve always thought there was something wrong with me because I couldn’t think positively all the time. I wish I knew how to do these steps sooner.
— Lucy B.

What's Inside


Anxiety & Me


Anxiety & Me is a deep-diving guide to help you unwrap, understand, and become resilient to the discomfort of anxiety. I once heard someone call anxiety the "common cold of mental illness" because of how many people suffer from the condition at any one time. And if you're reading this, perhaps you are one of the 25% of people that has (or will) experience anxiety at some point. Please know that you are not alone. The good news is, the better you understand anxiety and what it looks like for you, the less overwhelming it becomes and the easier it can be to manage. In this guide, you'll learn:

To understand the effects of anxiety on your mind, body, and behaviour
To identify the fight/flight response when it switches on in your brain
To identify what works and what does not work for you when you're feeling anxious
To use simple, quick and incredibly effective resilience techniques to feel more in control when anxiety creeps up on you

Awareness and understanding = power. Take your power back over anxiety with this guide that will gently lead you on the path of healing.

I have to admit that I’ve spent a lot of time trying to cover up my anxiety. I didn’t think learning about it and how it affects me would do any good but it has. It’s like it just doesn’t have the same power anymore. Thanks.
— Diana S.

What's Inside


How Do You Really Feel?


One of the essential keys to well-being is self-awareness, especially around feelings. Without an understanding of how we are feeling, what we are thinking and what our body is telling us, we risk making all sorts of uninformed decisions about what we "need". The How Do You Really Feel? guide will help you:

Understand each of the different primary emotions and their purpose and effects,
Identify your own emotions (they don't teach us enough about basic emotions in school!)
Build the self-awareness to be able to respond to your emotions effectively.

The only way to create a solid foundation for healthy emotional well-being is to start with awareness of how you feel - so what are you waiting for?

Why didn’t I learn this in school? I need to show this feelings stuff to my husband!
— Alison F.

What's Inside


Doing Hard Things Even When Fear is Present


This guide is for anyone who has ever attempted to do something EXTREMELY IMPORTANT in their life and been paralysed by fear when they have gone to take the first step (haven't we all?).

If you're up for living full out, for having an adventure in life instead of an existence, and for living by your values and heart, then this guide will take you through the exact conversation you need to have to do that.

With this guide, you'll learn:

How to have fear (without being scared of it)
How to use fear to your advantage for getting stuff done
How to do Hard Things to expand your comfort zone
How to harness the power of courage
The steps you need to live your bravest life!

Please don't wait because life will not wait for you. It's time to take the step!

I have never considered myself a brave person. Now that I’ve read this, I realise I don’t have to be but my worries don’t have to stop me.
— Louisa J.

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