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The Science Behind Happi Habits

What if I told you that in a matter of months you could change your brain? And what if I told you that those changes would bring more joy to your days, a greater sense of inner peace, and the benefits of a positive outlook on your life? Well, you’ll experience these things and more in just 12 weeks with the Happi Habits Program. The program uses scientifically proven techniques drawn from Positive Psychology and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to show you how to boost your happiness levels by developing quick, simple and fun habits that will revolutionise how you approach life. Measure your progress weekly at the end of each module and see your well-being improve from surviving to thriving!


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About Dr Rebecca Ray

Hi, I am Dr Rebecca Ray. I am a happiness enthusiast and I want to share what I know to help you on your happiness journey, too. I have been a Clinical Psychologist for over a decade (and I have been a human for far longer than that!) My experience has left me very clear that we all want to go to the same place: Some place where surviving is reserved for times of crisis and thriving is normal. Somewhere called HAPPY. I believe in creating a life worth living and in taking responsibility for making our lives as meaningful and rich as we can. If you want to live your best life possible with more colour in your days, join the Happi Habits program and get your happy on!


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The Happi Habits Community

Happiness is contagious so one of the aims of Happi Habits is to spread the love far and wide! Stop by for inspiration, motivation, positivity and the odd dose of humour here:

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